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承辦業務 Services


What we do



1. 全校語言教室統籌管理

Managing language classrooms on campus.

2. 提供全校語言教室借用

Managing the use of language classrooms.

3. 配合各系教學需求申購語言教室設備

Purchasing equipment for language classrooms in accordance with

the needs of each department.

4. 舉辦全校英/日語競賽活動

Holding English and Japanese competitions.

5. 舉辦語言教室使用說明會

Holding conferences for language classrooms.

6. 協助建置/改善校園外語學習環境

Helping improve the language learning environment on campus.

7. 協辦校內外英語能力檢定測驗

Assisting various English proficiency tests.

8. 填報校內辦理外語相關活動資料表

Filling out and submitting the application forms of language


9. 管理Live ABC英檢網帳號

Managing the account numbers of Live ABC English learning network.

10. Funday線上英語學習平台帳號申請與管理

Managing and helping apply for the account numbers of Funday, an online English learning platform.

11. 管理油漆式速記法-多益TOEIC字彙軟體

Managing ZCT shorthand - TOEIC vocabulary software.

12. 管理語言診斷中心

Managing Language Diagnostic Center.


Organizing language certificate tutorial programs.

14. 推廣英/日語海外研習活動

Promoting English and Japanese oversea activities.

15. 執行英語文教育諮詢委員會議決事項

Fulfilling resolution of English Education Advisory Committee.

16. 執行教務長交辦事項

Fulfilling the task that the Dean of Academic Affairs assigns.





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